Murals in the Deuces Live District

See the murals of the Deuces Live District, a traditionally Black neighborhood in South St. Pete near 22nd Street South and 9th Avenue South.

a mural on a red background depicts Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet with a white musical score and notes in the background

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong" by Herbert Davis, Deuces Live District

As early as the late 1868, Black people began settling in St. Petersburg. During the Jim Crow era, St. Pete's African American community created a thriving business and residential hub in South St. Pete, in the area now know as "The Deuces" or the Deuces Live District. Today, Deuces Live is undergoing a renaissance, and its history and culture are celebrated at the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum and through several exceptional murals.

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Black Lives Matter

An aerial view of a large street mural created in block letters and vibrant colors stating BLACK LIVES MATTER; trees can be seen on either side of the street mural

"Black Lives Matter" mural, Deuces Live District

Artists: Eric Hornsby, Plum Howlett, James E. Hartzell, Melanie Posner, Jade Jackson, Jujmo, Von Walters, John Gascot, Mega Supremo, Laura Spencer, Wayward Walls, Daniel Barojas, Nuclear Sky, Vitale Bros. About the mural: Painted by 16 local artists, this beautiful BLACK LIVES MATTER mural was unveiled in June 2020 at the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum to celebrate Juneteenth, and to show support for the BLM movement. 

Location: 2240 9th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, in front of the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum

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An emotional green and black mural called "Jazz" depicting African American singer Ella Fitzgerald by ZuluPainter; children can be seen playing in front of the mural

"Jazz" mural by ZuluPainter, Deuces Live District

Artist: ZuluPainter. About the mural: "Jazz" (Ella Fitzgerald) pays tribute to the legendary performers and vibrant community that build the Deuces Live neighborhood in South St. Pete.

Location: 929 22nd St. S., St. Petersburg, 33712, at Lorene's Fish House, an iconic spot in St. Pete since 1994.

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Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

A mural by Herbert Davis in South St. Pete on a red background depicts Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet

"Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong" by Herbert Davis, Deuces Live District

Artist: Herbert Davis. About the mural: Davis' mural of Louis Armstrong  is a landmark in the Deuces Live District, adorning the side of one of the area's popular restaurants.

Location: On the side of Chief's Creole Cafe, 901 22nd St. S., St. Petersburg, 33712

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You Are Beautiful

a portion of a large mural displays the words "you are beautiful' in yellow lowercase letters against a background of painted blue, green and red handprints on a dark background

"You are Beautiful" by Matthew Hoffman, Deuces Live District

Artist: Matthew Hoffman. About the mural: This image depicts just a portion of the expansive "You Are Beautiful" mural facing west on 28th Street South between 6th and 7th Avenues in St. Pete. It stretches for 43 feet, depicting affirming messages such as "Be the Change," "Love Has No Borders," and "You Are Enough." Residents from the community painted many of the handprints and words on the mural, including neighborhood children.

Location: 27320 6th Ave. S., St. Petersburg 

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Great Futures Start Here

A mural stating "Great Futures Start Here" in blue block letters on the Royal Theater, a WWII era Quonset hut-style building with a metal roof

"Great Futures Start Here" by Brian McAlister, Gibbs High Mural Club and Boys & Girls Club Members, Deuces Live District

Artists: Brian McAlister, Gibbs High Mural Club and Boys & Girls Club Members. About the mural: "Great Futures Start Here" is painted on the side of the historic, 700-seat Royal Theater, built in 1948 and one of the only movie theaters for Black people in the area. The building is now the Southside Boys & Girls Club and students from the club as well as nearby Gibbs High School contributed to the artwork, which depicts famous African Americans such as Angela Basset and Serena Williams, as well as residents of the community.

Location:  Southside Boys & Girls Club, 1011 22nd St. S., St. Petersburg, 33701

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