Discover The Dalí Museum

See an unparalleled collection of Salvador Dalí's work on display in a building that has been internationally acclaimed for its design. 

outside of the Dali museum with dome

The Dalí Museum is home to more than 2,400 works by the surrealist master. And while perusing some of his most famous oil paintings, watercolors and sketches feels like a journey into Dalí’s mind, the museum's building itself is a big part of the experience.


Dali alive 360 dome
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Special Exhibits at The Dalí

Current special exhibits fuse art with technology to create memorable, immersive experiences including the world premiere of Dalí Alive 360°, which celebrates the life and creative genius of one of the most influential and inventive artists of the modern era. This multisensory art experience envelops visitors in 360 degrees of light and sound within the Dalí Dome, a monumental new museum space.

“Dream Tapestry” taps into the phenomenon of dreams using DALL·E, a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, to transform dreams into artistic visions; “Dalí’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality,” lets you view eight of Dalí’s masterworks in the museum’s permanent collection using augmented reality (AR); “Dalí Lives” (via Artificial Intelligence),” uses cutting-edge technology so that an AI version of Dalí himself discusses his life and inspirations; “Dreams of Dalí in Virtual Reality,” where you can step inside a VR version of “Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s ‘Angelus’,” and "your portrait" transforms your selfie into a one-of-a-kind digital work of art.


Highlights of the Permanent Collection

Dalí, the artist, celebrity and cultural icon, was a leading force in the Surrealist movement, though visitors may be surprised to see the enormous variety of his art here at the museum. His early works include landscapes portraits and still lifes, while later works capture fascinating double images and feature immense religious paintings. The artist also explored optical illusions, geometry and holography.

The museum houses some of the celebrated artist’s mammoth masterworks, along with books and seldom-seen sketches. In fact, of the 18 masterworks Dalí produced, eight are in the St. Pete museum, the most of any location. While you should take time to see everything, some of his most famous works include:

  • The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory (1954) – This piece followed The Persistence of Memory, Dalí’s most famous painting with the “melting clocks” that hangs in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
  • Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (1976) – The lengthy name saves a lot of explaining. Up close, this appears to be a nude female figure gazing at a pixelated and fiery sea. Step back and it’s a classic portrait of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Hallucinogenic Toreador (1970) – This is one of the massive, 13-foot paintings that dominate the museum’s walls. It begins as a vision of a bull and the Venus de Milo, but step back and the impression progressively changes.
the exterior of the Dali Museum's geodesic dome reflects the clouds and sky

The Enigma, part of the Dalí Museum's exterior, reflects the clouds and blue sky in its geodesic dome.

The Dalí Museum is a Work of Art in Itself

The museum was designed by architect Yann Weymouth, who also designed the glass pyramid at the Louvre and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. His most striking feature at the Dalí is the Enigma, a geodesic dome made of 1,062 glass triangles which allow brilliant Florida sunshine into the atrium. It protrudes from 18-inch concrete walls, which protect the collection against the possibility of even a Category 5 hurricane. 

Inside, a winding helix staircase takes visitors from the ground floor up to the galleries on floor three. It’s a tribute to Dalí’s fascination with the structure of DNA, beginning each visitor experience with a climb into the surreal. Guests can enjoy the elevated panorama of Tampa Bay as they ascend.

The Avant-Garden

On your visit, be sure to set aside some time to wander through the Avant-garden, an outdoor space that continues the surreal adventure. Melting clocks cling to benches, and Dalí’s moustache has its own statue. You’ll also find a meditative water feature in The Grotto and subtle nods to the golden ratio in the math garden – a tribute to Dalí’s obsession with numbers in nature.

an artfully designed plate of food including carrots, spices and a sweet potato at Cafe Gala at the Dali Museum in St. Pete

Cafe Gala at the museum offers visitors a chance to relax with a coffee or a drink, or to enjoy a full meal.

The Gift Shop and Café

The Dalí Museum store is filled with quizzical objects that are enjoyable even if you’re not buying. You’ll find melting clock mugs and clocks shaped like tearing eyes, alongside Dalí tarot cards. There’s even a book of touching, funny and bizarre wishes from the Avant-garden’s Wish Tree.

The Spanish-inspired Café Gala offers light tapas, salads and paninis, desserts and coffee, as well as a selection of Spanish wines.

Tips for Visiting

The App: Download The Dalí Museum’s app before you go: It offers an augmented reality feature to many of the masterworks. The animation and sounds transform these large-scale paintings into mini-movies, adding another level to the museum experience. The app also offers virtual tours and maps of the museum. Groups can arrange for a docent-led tour.

Admission to the Dalí Museum is via timed tickets, which may be purchased online in advance or in person up until the entry time, as available. Note that Dalí Alive 360 requires a separate, timed ticket.

Other helpful information: Reduced admission is offered on Thursdays after 5 p.m. Special sensory days are offered at the museum from time to time (call to inquire). Kids and parents alike enjoy "dillydally with Dalí," an interactive art activity offered periodically by the museum.