Birds fly over the Safety Harbor Pier at sunset

Visit the Safety Harbor Pier at sunset for a peaceful and perfect way to end your day.

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Safety Harbor

Moss-draped oaks line the brick streets of this charming small town, where creative cuisine is plentiful and a landmark resort crowns the main thoroughfare. Safety Harbor has been a welcome respite for centuries, from the Tocobaga tribe, whose temple mound sits on the waterfront, to the 20th-century sun-seekers seeking rejuvenation in the natural springs here, to modern-day visitors seeking good food, craft beer and a warm welcome.

Things to Do

Whether you’re in town for a spa weekend or for an afternoon of boutiquing and craft-beer tasting, Safety Harbor has good things in store, and plenty of green space to relax and reconnect with nature. The city’s eastern edge sits along the Old Tampa Bay waterfront, which includes a popular fishing pier. 

The fresh, cool springs that flow out of the ground here were once believed to be Hernando de Soto’s magical Fountain of Youth. The site of the springs is now home to the famous Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, founded in 1925 and a U.S. Historic Landmark, a Florida Heritage Landmark and a member of the Historic Hotels of America. Here, there’s an entire subterranean floor (where the springs are located) dedicated to spa services – and you don’t have to be a guest at the resort to plan a day of pampering and wellness.

The relaxation continues with Safety Harbor’s strollable Main Street, where you can pop into shops and galleries for locally crafted products. Or, pick up something to-go at a family-owned shop or cafe and enjoy a picnic at a local park. 

Visitors can see ancient Native American ceremonial mounds on the grounds of Philippe Park. 

The Arts

Art lovers will want to delve into the city’s many cultural offerings at Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center, where you can create your own masterpiece at one of the classes or workshops they offer (tip: they have a great video about Safety Harbor’s history, too). The Safety Harbor Art and Music Center is a great place to find musical performances and art workshops (look for the pink elephant sculpture). 

For just a few dollars, you can take in the sights (as well as local insights) on a walking art or history tour of the city.

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A couple strolling with a child in front of the pink elephant in front of the Safety Harbor Art & Music Center

"Art at the World's Most Wondrous Building in the Universe" is what you'll find at Safety Harbor Art & Music Center, along with concerts, events and workshops.

Colorful signs in front of the pink wall of the Safety Harbor Galleria, a gift shop and gallery

The Safety Harbor Galleria is a great place to pick up fun and colorful mementos of your visit to this charming, small town.

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Safety Harbor