Murals in the MLK North District

The MLK North District runs along Dr. MLK Jr. Street (also known as 9th Street) from 5th Ave. N. to 34th Ave. N. in St. Pete. Here, you'll find several beautiful murals, along with many locally owned businesses.

Newly designated bike lanes in the MLK North District mean that it's easy to explore by bicycle or scooter. You can also hop in your car to see murals. Remember to download the Pixelstix app to learn more about the street art on display (just touch your phone to the "smart plaque" on many of the murals). 

As you roam MLK North in search of amazing street art, be sure to check out the MIZE Gallery, owned by local artist Chad Mize (gallery hours are typically on weekends, but the gallery also hosts events each month). Stop in for a coffee and a snack at Pineapple Espresso or have lunch at the lovely Left Bank Bistro.

See our MLK North page for more information on what to see and do in this district loved by locals!



Parallel Dawn

Wall mural by Danielle McDonald and Chris Soria in the MLK North district in St. Pete featuring a woman being held but multiple hands.

"Parallel Dawn" mural by Danielle McDonald and Chris Soria, MLK North District 

Artists: Danielle McDonald and Chris Soria. About the mural: This beautiful mural was created in 2017 and currently lives on the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street and 5th Ave N. The artists included a sweet devotion on the piece that reads, “dedicated to our daughters with love.”

Location: 513 Dr. MLK St. N. (on the side of the building that faces 5th Ave. N.), St. Petersburg, 33701   

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Post Internet Explorers

“Post Internet Explorers” mural by the Low Bros in the MLK North District featuring yellow emojis, a Pepsi Spirit can and the American flag colors.

“Post Internet Explorers” mural by the Low Bros, MLK North District 

Artist: Low Bros. About the mural: The “Low Bros” is a German Post Graffiti artist duo made up of brothers Chris and Florin Schmidt. Created for St. Pete SHINE in 2019, this futuristic mural sets the focus on the growth of the internet, from the initial idea of an open-source community to the current takeover by big corporations.

Location: 535 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, 33701    

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Point of Pines

A man and woman in a black jeep park in front of a vintage-themed mural with signs for "motel," "oranges" and "all are welcome here"

Point of Pines mural by J&S Signs, MLK North District

Artist: J&S Signs. About the mural: Created as part of SHINE 2018, this nostalgic mural was created using inspiration from vintage Florida and St. Pete architecture, signs and more. 

Location: 553 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, 33701

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Mask Off

The "Mask Off" mural by Drew Merritt in St. Pete depicts the head of a beautiful Black woman with curly hair and blue eyes holding a small alligator in front of her

"Mask Off" mural by Drew Merritt, MLK North District

Artist: Drew Merritt. About the mural: This L.A.-based artist’s luminous portrait style was part of the 2019 SHINE Mural Festival. In what could be a nod to the event’s Florida locale, it feature a young woman holding a small gator head.

Location: 553 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, 33701

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Purple Lady

Outside wall mural in the MLK north district in St. Pete, FL featuring a purple lady's face painting with curly hair. Her eyes are closed and her face takes up the entire outside brick wall.

“Purple Lady” mural by J. Michael Taylor, MLK North District 

Artist: J. Michael Taylor. About the mural: This painting was designed by J. Michael Taylor, who is the owner of St. Pete's Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. It was then painted outside of Taylor's business by St. Pete's well-known Vitale Bros. a few years ago. The original artwork sits on the wall of the tattoo shop for everyone to see.

Location: 689 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, 33701

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The Last Road Trip

“The Last Road Trip” mural by James Eric Hartzell in the MLK North District featuring a drawing of legendary poet Jack Kerouac.

“The Last Road Trip” mural by James Eric Hartzell, MLK North District 

Artist: James Eric Hartzell. About the mural: This mural is located on the left side of St. Pete's iconic Flamingo Sports Bar and depicts legendary poet Jack Kerouac, who was frequently found drinking at this bar during his final years while living in St. Pete.

Location: 1230 Dr. MLK St. N., St. Petersburg, 33705  

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Large flower street mural with white background featuring Florida-inspired green palms, colorful spring flowers, tulips and two dogs.

Untitled mural by Dallas Eubanks, MLK North District

Artist: Dallas Eubanks. About the mural: Melanie and Jim Eubanks, owners of Lemon Drops Weddings and Events in St. Pete, had their nephew Dallas paint this colorful mural. Dallas depicted the old business logo and featured the owner's two dogs, Goldie and Bleu.  

Location: 2500 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, 33704

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Angels & Demens

Two-face street mural by Derek Donnelly in the MLK North District in St. Pete featuring a native American woman and Peter Demens.

“Angels and Demens” mural by Derek Donnelly, MLK North District 

Artist: Derek Donnelly. About the mural: Created by one of the area's best-known muralists, Donnelly transitions one side of Peter Demens' face into a Native American woman. This artistic element is a homage to different eras in St. Pete's history.

Location: 2601 Dr. MLK St. N., St. Petersburg, 33704  

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Street mural by Amy Williams and Taylor Waldmann in St. Pete, FL featuring giant pink flamingos and blue and green hexagons painted on a dark blue wall background.

"Untitled Mural" by Amy Williams and Taylor Waldmann, MLK North District 

Artist: Amy Williams & Taylor Waldmann. About the mural: The owners of Revisit Furnishings wanted to create a mural that would help attract more people to the entrance of their store. Amy's inspiration for this piece came from the "bright and colorful" vibe of St. Pete and the popularity of flamingos found on custom vintage pieces. 

Location: 2803 Dr. MLK. Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg, 33704

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