Murals in the Waterfront Museum District

It's no surprise that St. Pete's Waterfront Museum District is home to wonderful museums. You'll find its colorful array of murals and street art intriguing, too.

a mural of an orange heart that says Love Shines on a dark gray building with a blue sign and a palm tree to the right

"Love Shines" by Ya La'ford, Waterfront Museum District

Spend some time in St. Pete's unique museums, then wander the Waterfront Museum District to find vibrant murals and street art. Be sure to download the PixelStix app to learn more by touching your phone to "smart plaques" on many of the murals.




a mural depicts the side of a woman's face in medium and deep blue colors; her hair is rainbow colored and curled

Untitled mural by Cecilia Lueza, Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Cecilia Luenza. About the mural: Cecilia Lueza is known for vibrant public art pieces in a range of media. This mural was created for the 2018 SHINE Mural Festival. It was inspired by that magical time between daylight and darkness; it explores the visual effects of color and movement while evoking wonder and contemplation.

Location: 100 1st Ave. NE, St. Petersburg, 33701

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A brightly colored folk art style mural depicting mangroves, bird life and the environment near St. Pete FL), Museum Waterfront District

"Mangroves" mural by Kenny Coil and Marc Berenguer (Breakmaiden), Waterfront Museum District

Artists: Kenny Coil and Marc Berenguer (Breakmaiden). About the mural: This homage to St. Pete’s critical mangrove habitats depicts fish, wading birds and pelicans thriving in a mangrove habitat that surrounds three large buildings. Part of Shine 2020’s ocean conservation theme, the mural aims to urge people to protect ecosystems like this.

Location: 1000 3rd St. S., St. Petersburg, 33701

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Mangroves & Manatees

a mural on the side of a building depicts a woman with swirling reddish hair riding or hugging a manatee while her calf and fish swim nearby

"Mangroves & Manatees" mural by Tatiana Suarez, Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Tatiana Suarez. About the mural: Visitors and locals alike love spotting manatees in the water off St. Pete/Clearwater and paddling in the serene mangrove-lined waterways along the coast.  As part of SHINE Mural Festival’s 2020 ocean conservation theme, Miami artist Tatiana Saurez’s mural shows vulnerable Florida manatees swimming among a delicate mangrove habitat.

Location: 250 2nd Ave. SE, 33701

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Rise Above

A bright blue, orange and pink mural of a fish created in geometric designs with shapes of a hand and face inside says Rise Above

"Rise Above" mural by Alex Yanes, Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Alex Yanes. About the mural: Miami artist Alex Yanes embraces an action-oriented message as part of the 2020 SHINE Mural Fest's ocean conservation theme. The 3-D mural’s arrangement of colors and shapes hints at the interplay between water and land.

Location: 335 2nd Ave. NE, St. Petersburg, 33701

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Love Shines

an orange heart-shape mural on a gray background says Love Shines in cursive script

"Love Shines" by Ya La'Ford, Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Ya La'ford. About the mural: Love Shines was unveiled in 2021 at the 7th annual SHINE Mural Festival. The artist said she was inspired by the 1960s, when people were thinking about love first.

Location: 330 Beach Dr. NE, St. Petersburg 33701

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