Several cars parked in front of a colorful mural

Brilliant murals like this one, near Central Ave. in downtown St. Pete, infuse the city with life and color.

These walls do talk

Magnificent Murals

Explore the amazing murals and colorful street art that bring St. Pete to life.

If it's an outdoor surface in St. Pete, chances are, there's a bold and brilliant work of art covering it. The city is famous for the murals that adorn its walls (in fact, there are more than 600). It all started about a decade ago when city officials loosened a local ban on street art, instead embracing local artists and their vision of transforming St. Pete into a true arts destination. There's even an annual mural festival each October, SHINE, which brings artists from around the world to St. Pete to create massive works of public art for all to enjoy.

From guided tours to artistic selfie spots, here's how to experience St. Pete's murals in full color.

Explore Murals by District

Excited for even more artistic adventures? Check out these mural pages, one for each of St. Pete's districts.