A group of people seating in front of the LGBTQ+ Welcome Center in St. Petersburg

The LGBTQ+ Welcome Center in St. Pete's Grand Central District is an excellent source of info for LGBTQ+ travelers.

What gay-friendly areas are there in St. Pete/Clearwater?

St. Pete/Clearwater has many gay-friendly areas, particularly the Grand Central District in St. Pete, Historic Kenwood west of downtown St. Pete, the bordering town of Gulfport and the downtown/Main Street area of Dunedin. For more information about LGBTQ+ travel in St. Pete/Clearwater, learn about our LGBTQ+ Welcome Center.

What are the best gay bars in St. Pete/Clearwater?

Well-known gay bars, lounges and clubs in St. Pete/Clearwater include Enigma in St. Pete, Blur in Dunedin, Salty’s Gulfport in Gulfport and Punky’s in the Grand Central District in St. Pete. Check out this list of other fun clubs to get your dance on.

Does St. Pete/Clearwater celebrate PRIDE?

Yes. St. Pete/Clearwater celebrates St. Pete Pride each June. It's one of the largest Pride events in the country, with parties, a family day, an amazing parade and street festival. Find details at the official St. Pete Pride website.