Museums FAQs

Blue and purple sunrise sky of St. Pete downtown skyline.

The downtown waterfront sparkles in St. Pete. For a real treat, check it out at sunrise or sunset.

What museums can I go to in St. Pete/Clearwater?

You can visit the Dalí Museum, the Imagine Museum, the Morean Arts Center, the Museum of Fine Arts, the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, The Florida Holocaust Museum, the Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum, the Dunedin Historical Museum and the upcoming Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. St. Pete/Clearwater is home to many award-winning museums to fit your interests.

Can I walk to the museums in St. Pete/Clearwater?

You can walk to a handful of museums that are clustered in downtown St. Pete (or try Coast Bike Share, another great option that’s fun and fast). The free Looper Trolley, which stops at the Dalí Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of History and the Florida Holocaust Museum is another popular option. Other museums are scattered throughout St. Pete/Clearwater, so a car or rideshare option is helpful to reach some of them.

Where is the Dalí Museum?

The Dalí Museum is located on St. Pete’s scenic waterfront in the downtown area.

How can I get museum passes?

Tickets can be purchased online or in-person at the museum you are visiting. At this time, free museum passes are not available to visitors, with the exception of a few public free museum days. You can learn more by reading about the individual museum you’re interested in.

Do the museums in St. Pete/Clearwater have cafes or restaurants attached to them?

Yes. Many of the museums in St. Pete/Clearwater have cafes or restaurants attached to them. The Museum of Fine Arts Cafe offers both indoor and outdoor dining and the Dalí Museum has a casual eatery named Café Gala as well. Also, the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art is home to The Canyon, a cafe with a super-cool antique wooden bar.

Do the museums show outdoor movies?

Yes. The Dalí Museum hosts outdoor movie series during the months of June, July and August.

What are the landmark murals in St. Pete?

At almost every corner you turn, there’s a colorful mural, including Mr. Sun by Chad Mize, Eye of the Storm by Ricky Watts, Mask Off by Drew Meritt and Woo Tribute by Derek Donnelly. You can even join a guided mural tour. Here’s a roundup of more must-see murals in St. Pete/Clearwater.