Black-Owned Businesses in St. Pete/Clearwater

From coffee roasters to restaurants and a microbrewery, seek out these entrepreneurs' amazing businesses in St. Pete/Clearwater.

hands hold up freshly roasted coffee beans from Hogg Batch Coffee

Duane and David Hogg at Hogg Batch Coffee roast coffee beans soaked in bourbon, rum, gin and other spirits.


Copa, St. Pete

An Afro-Latin-Caribbean bar and restaurant, Copa is owned and operated by Sébastien and Maxim Thurière, two brothers with Haitian and French backgrounds who live in St. Pete. This cozy, beautifully decorated spot on Central Avenue in the city’s popular EDGE District is open seven evenings a week. In addition to craft cocktails, Copa serves a variety of tapas such as Jerk Tofu Spring Rolls, Argentinian Empanadas, Tacos Barbacoa, and a Haitian Kreyol Bowl of saffron rice, black beans, corn, avocado, sauteed red peppers, two tostones and a choice of protein. 

Global Eats

Cosmic Donuts, St. Pete

Two people hold up elaborate, colorful donuts

Jason and Brielle Dudley opened Cosmic Donuts in the Gateway area of St. Pete.

Originally from Colorado, Jason and Brielle Dudley always dreamed of opening their own restaurant/donut shop in sunny St. Pete. The couple took a leap of faith and bought Cosmic Donuts – and they haven't looked back. Cosmic Donuts is a cozy little shop near the Gandy Bridge in north St. Pete (there's also a location on U.S. 19 in Palm Harbor) that serves up delicious specialty donuts, locally roasted coffee and savory treats, such as Jason’s homemade biscuits and gravy.

Delicious Donuts

cultured books, St. Pete

A woman holds up a book from the book store she owns.

Lorielle Hollaway, owner of cultured books, a multicultural children’s pop-up bookstore, loves to bring books to life with literary programming.

Meet Lorielle Hollaway, owner (aka “Head Book Pusher”) of cultured books, a pop-up children's bookstore that aims to foster positivity and a broader worldview among young readers, particularly young people of color. The shop is a resource for parents looking for books that spark discovery of different cultures, lands, people and art forms – and for children eager to see characters in books who look like them. You can find cultured books from noon to 6 p.m. on the second Sunday of the month at The Well, 833 22nd St. S., in the Deuces Live District of St. Pete (other times are available by appointment).

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Cups and Cakes by Latoya, St. Pete

Two women hold up an elaborately decorate cake in front of a bright pink mural

Latoya McCormick and her aunt, Algie Brown, are the masterful duo behind Cups and Cakes by Latoya. 

If you're looking for a gorgeous cake that's almost too beautiful to eat (key word almost), Cups and Cakes by Latoya in south St. Pete should be your go-to. Celebrated baker Latoya Brown creates delicious baked goods completely from scratch, using fresh ingredients and one-of-a-kind designs. Her aunt, Algie Brown, handles sales, marketing and creative design. 

Eat More Cake

Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Pete

A group of friends enjoying drinks at Green Bench Brewery in St. Pete

Located just a few blocks from Tropicana Field, Green Bench Brewing Co. was St. Pete's first microbrewery.

A pillar of the local craft beer scene (or, as we like to call it, the "Gulp Coast"), Green Bench Brewing Co. became the amazing community hub it is in large part because of Khris Johnson, the co-owner and head brewer behind the stellar line-up of unique beers, ciders and meads. The microbrewery – St. Pete’s first – opened in the city's EDGE District in 2013 and has been a local institution ever since.

Beer Crafted Here

Grillin' n Chillin' BBQ, St. Pete Beach

A barbecue restaurant owner holds up some of his creations

Jay Bowery is owner and master chef at Grillin' n Chillin’ BBQ in St. Pete Beach.

If you're out on the beach and find yourself craving classic barbecue, Grillin' n Chillin’ BBQ has you covered. Stop in and savor their famous mouthwatering pulled pork, beef brisket and fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs, all cooked up by owner and master chef Jay Bowery.

Grill and Chill

Hogg Batch Coffee, St. Pete

Twin black men wearing white T-shirts with coffee slogans

Hogg Batch Coffee is an experimental, small-batch coffee roaster on Central Ave. in St. Pete.

David and Duane Hogg, twin brothers and founders of Hogg Batch Coffee in St. Pete, share a love of both coffee and spirits. They set out to disrupt the ho-hum coffee-drinking experience by crafting unique coffee flavors created by aging unroasted beans in recently emptied liquor barrels for an experience you’ll find nowhere else in the area. Sample their delicious varieties at their storefront in the Grand Central District.

Sip and Savor

Mermosa Wines, St. Pete

Woman with purple hair holds bottle of wine

Desiree Noisette is founder of Mermosa Wines in St. Pete.

A local winemaker, Desiree Noisette founded Mermosa Wines, a mermaid-inspired winery born in St. Pete that makes sparkling wines. As owner and founder of Mermosa Winery & Boutique, she would pass samples of her wine to customers while they shopped, but now she has turned her attention to the wine business full-time. You can find her wines in boutiques and wine bars throughout the area and across the U.S.

Wine Not?

Roam Steakhouse & Bar, St. Pete

Named “Best New Steakhouse” by The Tampa Bay Times in January 2023, the globally inspired Roam is owned and run by brothers Christian and Joshua Jackson. The restaurateurs have been serving delicious food for years from Red’s BBQ, their popular food truck. They describe Roam as “a steakhouse that celebrates culture and cuisine, showcasing ingredients and techniques from around the globe in an intimate space.” Roam also serves a chargrilled oyster appetizer and such dishes as Honey Ginger Salmon with sweet and savory Bok choy, and Southern Fried Cornish Hen with miso sweet potato, singed collards with carrot ribbons and chili oil crunch.

Succulent Steak

Saturday Morning Shoppe, St. Pete

Two young women hold up products from a vendor at an outdoor event.

A monthly marketplace, Saturday Morning Shoppe showcases products from local small businesses.

Held on the first Saturday of every month in the parking lot at Tropicana Field, the Saturday Morning Shoppe offers local products, fresh produce, bounce houses and food trucks. Founder Renee Edwards started the market as a way to nurture prosperity for emerging small businesses and the surrounding community. She works with local entrepreneurs, helping them develop their small businesses.

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Three Generations Food Truck, St. Pete

A young woman holds up two dishes from her food truck.

Melissa Gardner, aka Chef Melly, is the chef behind the Three Generations Food Truck, a local food truck in St. Pete that serves up soulful Cajun food.

Melissa Gardner is the masterful chef who serves up soulful Cajun food to the delight of foodies at the Three Generations Food Truck. St. Pete-based Chef Melly, as she's known, cooks up specialty dishes that include fried lobster and Cajun grits, but everything she creates is deliciously decadent. Sample her unique takes on chicken and waffles: Confetti Chicken & Waffles, Red Velvet Chicken & Waffles, and French Toast & Chicken. Find her location and schedule on her Facebook page.

Cajun Delights