A close view of a grouper fish plate with onions, tomatoes and green vegetables.

Trophy Fish is a delightful open-air restaurant serving fresh seafood in St. Pete's Grand Central District.

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Dining in St. Pete

St. Pete is a foodie hotspot, known for its independently owned, chef-driven restaurants that are constantly innovating. New restaurant concepts pop up here all the time. In fact, St. Pete is home to just about every cuisine type and restaurant ambiance you can dream of. A number of iconic, landmark restaurants are found in the city, too.

El Cap is the local hotspot for thick, juicy burgers. Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant is where you can go to find some of the best Spanish tapas in town. And no list of the best restaurants in St. Pete would be complete without Red Mesa, a Mexican cantina complete with a fabulous outdoor patio.

You'll find many other great options for outdoor dining in St. Pete, too, like the Cuban-inspired Bodega, the Italian-focused BellaBrava or the Lebanese-influenced Baba on CentralTrophy Fish has a loyal following for its fresh catch-of-the-day and expansive outdoor area, while Cassis pleases diners with brunch offerings every day of the week. Or take in the waterfront views at one of the restaurants in the St. Pete Pier District, such as Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille and Teak.

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Dining in St. Pete