best of st. pete-clearwater winners

Best Nightlife, Bars & Breweries

Whether you're looking for a gorgeous view of the water from a rooftop bar, a game of cornhole with friends over a few beers or a delicious cocktail, we've got you covered! 

Best Beach Bars

If you didn't sip a fruity frozen drink with your toes in the sand, did you really visit St. Pete-Clearwater? Find our 2024 "Best Beach Bars" winners below, and also check out our Best Beach Bars story and video!

Best Rooftop Bars

Ahhh, the joys of being perched on a rooftop at sunset with a gorgeous view of the water! Not to mention refreshing cocktails and tasty bites, plus friends gathered round. Check out our 2024 "Best Rooftop Bars" winners, and also dive deeper when you read our Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants story.

Best Wine Bars

Sip and savor the sweet life when you visit our 2024 "Best Wine Bars" winners! These cozy little spots are sure to please. Also check out our story about Best Local Wine Bars.

Best Cocktails

The exciting thing about our vibrant dining and drinks scene is that there are so many amazing places to enjoy craft cocktails in unique settings. Check out our 2024 "Best Cocktails" winners today!

Best Breweries

Sure, you've had beer before. But have you ever explored the Gulp Coast, our standout selection of amazing craft breweries? Heck, we even have a Gulp Coast Passport. Start by visiting some of our 2024 "Best Breweries" winners, then hop on over to some of our 35+ locally owned breweries.