a drone view of a multicolored black history matters mural in block letters on a road near trees

A new Black History Matters mural was unveiled for Juneteenth, 2023, in the Deuces Live neighborhood.

Black History in St. Pete-Clearwater

Discover rich experiences and memorable places where you can celebrate Black history in St. Pete-Clearwater. 

From exploring Black history with a local guide, to mural-spotting and museum visits, and from delicious dining to community events, we've rounded up some ways to honor Black history in St. Pete-Clearwater and to enrich your visit any time of year.

Consider taking one of several tours to learn more about local Black history, including a Black history bike tour; the "Hidden, Historic Campbell Park" Black history walking tour, or meander on a self-guided tour with markers depicting St. Pete's African American history.

Manhattan Casino Band

Legendary Music

Built in 1925, the Manhattan Casino was an entertainment and culture landmark for more than 40 years. Today it is an active food hall and event space.

history comes alive

The African American Heritage Trail

Travel through time on a self-guided tour of the African American Heritage Trail, where stories of St. Pete’s early Black community, their challenges and their unwavering spirit are embedded throughout the path.

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a portion of a large mural displays the words "you are beautiful' in yellow lowercase letters against a background of painted blue, green and red handprints on a dark background

You are Beautiful

"You are Beautiful" by Matthew Hoffman, Deuces Live District

Discover Deuces Live!

This historically Black community in south St. Pete offers visitors a chance to dive deep into the vibrant Black history and culture that helped form the Sunshine City. 

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a smiling man and woman on bikes riding past palm trees

Black History Bike Tour

Don't miss the chance to ride along with a historian who is passionate about preserving St. Pete's Black history. 

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Discover Exciting Black History Events

Explore St. Pete/Clearwater's rich Black history at these varied events, ranging from community days to food festivals and book discussions.