Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center

This Florida history and archaeology museum features 12,000 years of history. The museum offers dioramas and displays of fossils, projectile points, shell tools, beads and pottery that tell the story of Florida's first people and the arrival of Spanish explorers. Photographs and memorabilia illustrate Safety Harbor at the turn of the century when visitors were first drawn to the place "where healing waters flow."

In 2011 the City of Safety Harbor and the Safety Harbor Museum Board joined forces to reinvigorate the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center. After significant improvements to both the interior and exterior of the building, the facility reopened in late 2012 and is proud to offer a multitude of activities that celebrate the history of Safety Harbor while welcoming the growing arts community. The City and the Board have made it their mission to create a facility that will strive to serve its residents and visitors of Safety Harbor. Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center...where arts and heritage come alive! Suggestion donation admission fee is $4.00.

general information

  • Family-friendly
  • Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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