Families on the deck of the bright red Captain Memo Pirate Cruise in Clearwater Beach

Kids absolutely love Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise in Clearwater Beach.

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Come sail away on a vacation adventure! These cruises and boat tours offer some of the best sightseeing in St. Pete/Clearwater, and many have knowledgeable guides to teach you about local landmarks and natural environments. From sailing ships to speedboat tours to pirate ship adventures, and even floating tiki tours, St. Pete/Clearwater has every kind of boat tour imaginable! Choose a daytime boat excursion or a serene sunset cruise and be on the lookout for jumping fish, wild dolphins, manatees and other marine life.

A Catamaran sailboat anchored under blue sky in the emerald-green waters of Outback Key near Fort de Soto.

Set Sail

Outback Key near Fort de Soto is a popular place for boats to drop anchor for a relaxing day at an under-the-radar beach.

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Whether you're looking for a sunset cruise or a wildlife-watching experience, these local boat tours are sure to offer a good time.

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