Cozy Coffee Houses

Indie coffee shops and tea houses in St. Pete/Clearwater are a great way to start your morning or spend a relaxing afternoon with friends. Explore this list of some of our favorite local places to enjoy a great cup of joe.

A group of people at the bar of intermezzo in downtown St. Pete

Intermezzo, a specialty coffee shop and craft cocktail bar in downtown St. Pete, draws inspiration from the European and American cafes in the '50s and '60s.

Nothing says “vacation” like whiling the hours away by lingering over your favorite drink. And when that drink is coffee or tea, nothing feels cozier than a neighborhood haunt. In St. Pete and nearby, indie coffee shops and teahouses serve up a mix of locally and globally sourced drinks and food, a relaxing atmosphere and souvenir potential, particularly when the coffee beans are roasted in-house or nearby.


2D Café, St. Pete

Coffee and pastries at 2D Café

2D Café's design by Chad Mize creates a unique vibe for your brew

Who would think two dimensions could be so very vibrant? Step inside the flat, black-and-white world of St. Pete’s 2D Café and be transported to a European bistro, where the vivid matcha lattes and avocado toast really pop amid the cartoon-y background. 2D, tucked in the Grand Central District, also serves beer, wine and canned cocktails along with its all-day menu. Local multi-media artist Chad Mize is behind the café’s immersive design.

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Bandit Coffee Co., St. Pete

a cup of cappuccino with a pretty foam design in a black cup and saucer next to the menu for Bandit Coffee in St. Pete

St. Pete has many wonderful coffee houses, including Bandit Coffee Co. on Central Ave.

You might think you're not hip enough to hang at this minimalist, black-and-white themed coffee bar in the Grand Central District of Central Ave. in St. Pete, but we're here to reassure you – you are! You'll find all your favorite espresso drinks at Bandit Coffee Co. plus specialty imported coffee and unique techniques such as cold brew and pour-overs. Locally brewed Mother Kombucha is also on tap. 

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Beans & Barlour, St. Pete

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Inventive and indulgent drinks and desserts (both buzzy and boozy) abound at Beans & Barlour, an all-day coffee shop and dessert destination in the 400 block of Central Ave. Start the day with a Mexican Mocha (made with house-made chocolate ganache) and a bagel sandwich. For a nightcap, pop in for a sundae made with alcohol-infused ice cream that’s served in an edible chocolate cup, on a chocolate plate with a chocolate spoon. 

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Black Crow Coffee, St. Pete

Exterior front view of a garage turned into a coffee bar surrounded by palm trees.

Black Crow Coffee serves up delicious brew and pastries in a courtyard setting in the Grand Central District – or grab a cup at its flagship Old Northeast location.

Cozy, eclectic, vintage, community-minded... these are just a few words to describe these sweet little coffee shops tucked away into the Old Northeast neighborhood and Grand Central District of St. Pete. Order one of their specialty latte blends such as the Purple Haze (a blend of dark chocolate and hazelnut) and settle down in one of their mismatched chairs. Other quirky features at Black Crow Coffee include a book lending library, community piano and guitar, and a card-catalogue system to track your orders, like an old-school version of a loyalty punch card. 

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Café Clementine, St. Pete

Café Clementine in the Museum of Fine Art

Café Clementine in the MFA brings art to your coffee

Art of the edible (and drinkable) kind is featured at Café Clementine inside the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg. The café was born from the micro-bakery Le Clementine Bakeshop, which garnered many fans at the Saturday Morning Market. Café Clementine offers indoor and outdoor seating and serves an all-day brunch menu of seasonal treats such as housemade granola with fresh fruit and a rich croque monsieur piled atop a freshly baked croissant.


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The Chelsea St. Pete

a variety of cold and hot drinks including a cappucino on the counter at The Chelsea St. Pete Coffee Shop

The Chelsea is a charming spot for coffee, drinks and conversation in St. Pete's Grand Central District.

Whether you’re looking for a wake-me-up-in-style coffee shop or a new happy hour destination, you’ll find it at The Chelsea St. Pete. This all-day café in St. Pete's Warehouse Arts District features a full menu of craft coffee drinks, sandwiches, quiche and baked goods, as well as wine, beer, hard seltzers and ranch water cocktails.  You can enjoy your order in the relaxing (and dog-friendly) garden space. After your cuppa, browse The Chelsea's unique retail items or one of the shop's occasional pop-ups or night markets.

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Craft Kafe, St. Pete

A Craft Kafe coffee mug

Craft Kafe is a gluten-free coffee shop and bakery with multiple locations in St. Pete.

Craft Kafe is living proof that a gluten-free bakery can entice one and all. Choose traditional baked goods, artisanal sandwiches or organic salads, and wash it all down with their selection of locally roasted coffees, loose-leaf teas and craft sodas. Indulge in these goodies at their two St. Pete locations – 200 Central Ave. and 6653 Central Ave.

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Grassroots Kava House, St. Pete

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Kava – a unique drink that promotes health and relaxation – takes center stage at Grassroots Kava House, a two-story, dog-friendly coffeehouse with free wifi. Catch up with friends or find a quiet corner to work and enjoy your coffee, kombucha and munchies. Open morning till midnight in the 900 block of Central Ave.

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Hogg Batch Coffee, St. Pete

hands hold up freshly roasted coffee beans from Hogg Batch Coffee

Duane and David Hogg at Hogg Batch Coffee roast coffee beans soaked in bourbon, rum, gin and other spirits.

Hogg Batch Coffee may not be a coffee shop, but the twin-brother owners of this shop offer something special. Imagine single origin beans from all over the world in fresh-dumped bourbon and other spirits – which extracts flavor notes from the spirits and the barrel – then small batch-roasted for a unique and delicious flavor profile! Pick up these tasty beans at the shop, located on Central Ave. in the Grand Central District.

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Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails, St. Pete

A group of people at the bar of intermezzo in downtown St. Pete

Intermezzo, a specialty coffee shop and craft cocktail bar in downtown St. Pete, draws inspiration from the European and American cafes in the '50s and '60s.

The EDGE District pop-up-turned-permanent-coffee-shop is a coffee shop by day and a craft cocktail bar by night. In the daytime, Intermezzo offers popular coffee selections, as well as a few cool items, like a slow-drip cold brew, matcha latte and cold brew lemonade – all in a minimalistic, retro space with vintage decor and potted palms galore.

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Kahwa, St. Pete

Hand holding a cup of iced coffee with Kahwa logo on it

Pick up an iced or hot cup of one of Kahwa's popular brews at their three St. Pete locations.

Kahwa’s approach to coffee won over so many locals that owners Raphael and Sarah Perrier now operate two locations in downtown St. Pete (their roasting facility sits just a few minutes away) and one in west St. Pete. Order coffee drinks and pastries – sourced from local businesses and delivered fresh – as well as coffee by the pound. Ask your barista about the special roast of the week. It might be the Perriers' coveted mocha java blend or a single origin selection.

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Mazzaro's Italian Market, St. Pete

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If you can get a seat at the bar at Mazzaro's Italian Market, don’t ask for anything “skinny” – much of the coffee menu reads like a dessert list, and baristas tempt you with bakery samples (biscotti!) as they move through the market. If you can’t find a seat (and they are indeed hard to come by on a Saturday morning), pour yourself a cup of coffee from the self-serve carafe and stroll the market. You can always take home a pound of Mazzaro’s coffee, which is roasted daily.

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Paradeco Coffee Roasters, St. Pete

Paradeco Coffee Roasters turquoise counter detail with store name

Stylish Paradeco Coffee Roasters serves up creative breakfast and lunch dishes to accompany their sustainably sourced coffee.

A block and a half west of the St. Pete Pier, uber-stylish Paradeco Coffee Roasters was recently named a finalist for the Best Designed Café in the Americas. The coffee in these Instagrammable digs is sustainably sourced and house roasted, and the menu is equally far from ordinary. Who’s craving an Immunity Booster Chia Seed Pudding, Kimchi Potato Hash or Vanilla Latte Overnight Oats?

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Dunedin Coffee Company & Bakery, Dunedin

Coffee and pastry

Housemade treats and coffee in downtown Dunedin

Folks looking for a pick-me-up in downtown Dunedin know the place to go is Dunedin Coffee Company & Bakery. The bright, airy spot is celebrated for its all-day offerings of locally brewed coffee, housemade baked goods and breakfast fare (try a slice of the daily quiche). The coffeehouse also frequently hosts community events.


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TüKrō Coffee, Dunedin

Outside seating with umbrellas

Beautiful outdoor seating at TüKrō Coffee

Relax under an umbrella on the sunny patio at TüKrō Coffee in Dunedin, where the coffee creations are as beautiful as the surroundings. The shop specializes in made-from-scratch items, with flavoring syrups made in-house with “real” ingredients. Fancy a snack or breakfast? The coffeeshop dishes up a selection of housemade pastries and other treats.

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Café Vino Tinto, Safety Harbor

Café Vino Tinto

Enjoy "farm-to-cup" coffee from the café's Costa Rican farm

Café Vino Tinto in downtown Safety Harbor bills itself as a “farm-to-cup” coffeehouse, serving up a wide selection of coffee drinks made with beans sourced from the café’s very own farm in Costa Rica. The breakfast-and-lunch spot features a menu of seasonal lattes and other hot and cold caffeinated delights in a laid-back and charming atmosphere. Sip your drink with a fresh-made waffle or egg dish.

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Basimo Beach Cafe, Clearwater Beach

Love, consideration and commitment fills the food in this health-minded cafe on Clearwater Beach. You'll find delicious organic, non-GMO and locally sourced ingredients whipped together to create amazing fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, coffee, breakfast and lunch at Basimo. Great gluten-free options are available and dietary restrictions are easily accommodated at this charming farm-to-table-style cafe. 

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Southie Coffee, Clearwater

Iced coffee and burrito

Vegan and gluten-free options are popular fare at Southie Coffee

Whether you’re looking for something simple, like a locally roasted cup of hot coffee and a muffin, or you’re pining for something more complex, like a seasonal latte or smoothie and an empanada, you’ll find it at Clearwater’s Southie Coffee. The shop is also known for its vegan and gluten-free options. Be sure to pause with your beverage for a moment to take a selfie in front of the coffeeshop’s bright garden wall.

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The Haus Coffee Shop & Wine Bar, Largo

This is the go-to spot in Largo for fresh coffee, delicious deli sandwiches, charcuterie and locally baked desserts, as well as beer, wine and live music. Warm and inviting, The Haus also offers coffee drinks with sugar-free flavor shots, along with caffeine-free and seasonal teas.

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Indian Shores Coffee Co., Indian Shores

Grab a seat in the garden, and sip some house-roasted organic espresso (if you’re a purist) or a flavored latte drink (Caramel Knowledge, anyone? It’s mixed with dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla). An eclectic coffeehouse located on a barrier island, Indian Shores Coffee Co. also serves homemade baked goods, sandwiches, beer and wine. 

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Gypsy Souls Coffeehouse, Redington Shores

Talk about coffee with a view! Don't miss the opportunity to sip a delicious cup of fresh coffee on the back patio, which is set right on the water in Redington Shores. Gypsy Souls is a travel-inspired coffeehouse that offers a welcome place for visitors from near and far to come together. Offerings include coffee and espresso drinks made with house-roasted beans as well as teas. 

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Sweet Brewnette, Madeira Beach

Two young female workers hold coffee and muffin in wood-accented coffeehouse

Locals and visitors are drawn to Sweet Brewnette's inviting atmosphere, delicious coffee and healthy food options.

Stop by Sweet Brewnette, a neighborhood coffeehouse in Madeira Beach inspired by people, cultures and culinary adventures from the world. The owners take pride in the importance of great coffee, flavorful and healthy food, delightful customer service and a warm atmosphere.

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GulfPerk Coffee Bar, Gulfport

cup of iced coffee in front of GulfPerk Coffee Bar entrance

“Inspired by the Gulf, fueled by the perk" is GulfPerk's motto

Relax on the outdoor patio or chill inside at the homey GulfPerk Coffee Bar in Gulfport. “Inspired by the Gulf, fueled by the perk,” is the shop’s motto, with local Florida touches dotting the space. (Say “hi” to the coffee crocodile above the condiment bar.) GulfPerk offers an extensive menu of coffees and teas (including steamed milk and hot cocoa for the kids), as well as an all-day menu of bagels, breakfast sandwiches and sweet indulgences.

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