Celebrate Grouper Week

Grouper Week

All hail grouper – you sweet, delightfully flaky fish! Sink your teeth into mouth-watering meals from top, local chefs and celebrate this delicacy year-round.

Savor the groovy grouper vibe best when it's served fresh at local restaurants throughout St. Pete/Clearwater. Or get out on our warm Gulf waters to catch the grouper wave (and your own dinner) on an unforgettable fishing charter. (Fun fact: Florida harvests 85% of the grouper caught in the U.S. and St. Pete/Clearwater accounts for 75% of that!) 

Explore our thriving culinary scene for mouth-watering dining options that are available year-round.



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grouper and risotto dish

FUN FACT: Many chefs consider grouper to be their favorite fish because of its delicate, flaky texture.

The Culinary Experience

Make This

Watch the videos and learn how to create mouthwatering grouper delicacies from top local chefs. For even more great grouper options, find more recipes here.


Check Out These Grouper Week Recipe Pins

FUN FACT: Black and red grouper young are predominantly female but they often transform into males as they grow!

The Fishing Experience

FUN FACT: The largest Black Grouper was caught near the Dry Tortugas and was 113 lbs., 6oz!

Catch This

Discover the best spots for grouper fishing and more in this video.

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Off the Hook! How to Catch and Eat Fresh Fish in Madeira Beach, FL
More Information

grouper family sustainability guidelines

Be aware of these guidelines in order to preserve the beloved grouper for years to come.

Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper

About: Brownish-grey in color, you don’t have to go far out to find this grouper in fall and winter because they move inshore in cooler months.

Minimum Size Limit: 24” TL

Daily Bag Limit: 2 per person within aggregate

Open Season: June 1-December 31

Black grouper

Black Grouper

About: Similar-looking to Gag grouper, though coloring is more olive. Find them offshore most months.

Minimum Size Limit: 24” TL

Daily Bag Limit: 4 per person within aggregate

Open Season: Year-round

Red grouper

Red Grouper

About: A mild, firm fish, peak catch for red grouper is during the summer and fall.

Minimum Size Limit: 20” TL

Daily Bag Limit: 2 per person within aggregate

Open Season: Year-round

FUN FACT: The goliath grouper is the largest of the groupers and can grow up to 800 lbs. This species is protected.

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