A boat races through the water at the Clearwater Offshore Nationals

For the past decade fans on the beach and offshore have witnessed great offshore racing at the Clearwater Offshore Nationals.

Greatest Show On The Water

Clearwater Offshore Nationals

Welcome to the Clearwater Offshore Nationals, where the world’s fastest converge in late September for an epic annual event.

The Clearwater Offshore Nationals is a mecca for adrenaline junkies. Spectators from all over the world flock to Clearwater Beach to watch this annual event where racers risk it all at super high speeds.

Previous years have drawn 50,000 people on land or on more than 2,500 boats lining the beaches of the 2.5-mile-long race course. Many beach-going spectators enjoy the races from Clearwater Beach's sugar sand, while others take advantage of VIP watch parties in the comfort of sponsor hotels, restaurants and condos throughout Clearwater Beach. 

The races, which are APBA sanctioned, feature US Class-1, Super Cat, Super Vee, Prostock Cat, Prostock Vee, APBA Class 1-7 and P1 Superstock classes. Parties are held throughout the weekend, including Shephard's post-race beach party, which is free to all.