exterior of Webb's City Cellar brewery building in St. Pete

A James Beard Awards semifinalist, Webb’s acts as a second tasting room for the popular Green Bench Brewing Company in downtown St. Pete. The two share a beer garden giving a wide variety of choices for guests, including mixed culture, sour and wild ales, mead and cider along with more typical brews. Webb’s is name after a 1920s era drug store that boasted it was “The World’s Most Unusual Drug Store”, fitting for an unusual tasting venue!

A climate-controlled cellar houses up to 700 wooden wine barrels where wild ale and mixed culture sour beers are aged. Brewed beer wort is pumped from the brewery to the cellar into custom built tanks with a mixture of wild yeast and bacteria. After fermenting, the beer is combined with various flavoring ingredients and aged in barrels. The cellar can be viewed while you sip your favorite brew from a wineglass and is open to the public if you’d like a closer look. 

With an intimate bar setting, lounge space, outdoor patio and balcony seating, Webb’s offers a premium tasting experience. It’s an adult only setting where you can relax with friends and try a brew like you’ve never had before.

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