Bailey's Naturals Herbal Apothecary

We at Bailey's Naturals advocate a safe and informed approach to natural health. That's why we are always available to help you find answers to your health-related questions, along with the best products to suit your individual needs. Our store is an inviting and peaceful place to gather the essentials of good health. Our shelves are brimming with an excellent selection of the highest quality supplements and natural products available. This, combined with an uncompromising dedication to customer service has earned Bailey's Naturals the trust and respect of natural health shoppers in our own neighborhood and beyond. We are also the manufacturer of Mom's Healing Salve, an all-purpose topical botanical getting rave reviews for healing everything from cuts and burns to eczema and slow-healing wounds, athlete's foot, diaper rash --even suspicious skin lesions. Mom's Healing Salve is handmade in small batches using pure herbal ingredients, and is only available at Bailey's Naturals. Visit to find out what folks are saying about Mom's Healing Salve.

accessible features

  • Wheelchair-friendly inside walkways

general information

  • Hours 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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