Dog with a pink bandana sits on top of the bar at Dog Bar in St. Pete.

There's a ton of fun on tap for you and your pup at Dog Bar in St. Pete's Grand Central District.

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Pet-Friendly Dining

With its pet-friendly accommodations and beaches, the St. Pete/Clearwater region is one of the best places to take your furry family members on a trip. And when you need a bite to eat to refuel your energy after hours in the sunshine, you’ll have loads of pet-friendly dining options to choose from!

There are lots of restaurants that welcome pets – Red Mesa Cantina, Three Birds Tavern, and Bodega on Central, just to start. But there are a few eateries that really go out of their way to make your dogs feel welcome.

St. Pete’s Cassis has a dedicated menu for dogs that includes both mains and treats. The Pup Monsieur – ham and cheese on toast – and the Arrf el Tower – a peanut butter cookie – are sure to please. At Mutts & Martinis, your pup will get to play in a dedicated dog splash pad and even meet some new friendly furry faces at mutt meetups. And at The Dog Bar, pets can roam free in the dog park and splash pad as their human pals enjoy ice cold drinks and juicy burgers.

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Pet Friendly Dining