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Bed Tax

The Tourist Development Tax, also called the "Bed Tax" is a tax imposed on accommodations in Pinellas County. 

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater is funded exclusively by a portion of the Tourist Development Tax, a self-imposed 6% tax collected on accommodations in Pinellas County that are rented for less than six months. Money from the Bed Tax allows VSPC to strengthen the county's economy and build employment opportunities for local residents by investing in innovative marketing programs that bring visitors to our area. 

Proceeds from the Bed Tax not only fund tourism marketing programs, they also provide money for several important community functions, including beach nourishment, construction of stadiums and museums, and creating reserves to be used in the event of an emergency. In a very real way, tourism dollars help our community. We call this "From Visitors, With Love."

Bed Tax funds are handled as a 60/40 split, with 60% of the funding allocated to marketing the destination and 40% of the funding allocated to capital projects. 

Tourist Development Tax Reports

Bed Tax Collection Reports are managed by Charles W. Thomas, CFC, Pinellas County Tax Collector. View the complete tourist development tax plan as adopted by Pinellas County. Contact Visit St. Pete/Clearwater for custom data requests or historical data.

Bed Tax Report 2024 & 2023

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