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From Visitors, With Love

Funding by Those Who Wish They Lived Here

Tourism dollars funded nearly $5 million in beach renourishments last year. Learn more about what visitors do for the destination.

When visiting St. Pete/Clearwater, guests don't take sand dollars - they spend them. In fact, the average hotel visitor spends more than 209 "sand dollars" each day in our area!

While visitors love our award-winning beaches, what really makes this destination such a special place to visit is the local residents who welcome our guests with open arms. With the hospitality that's offered with every experience, it's no wonder so many visitors return year after year to St. Pete/Clearwater.

Conversations about Tourism

Hear from leaders in Pinellas County tourism and hospitality.

Interview With Pinellas County Public Works Director Kelli Levy

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater President & CEO Brian Lowack and Pinellas County Public Works Director Kelli Levy discuss the emergency shoreline restoration projects taking place at numerous Pinellas County beaches.

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Interview With Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater President & CEO Brian Lowack and Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long discuss funding sources for a new Tampa Bay Rays ballpark in St. Pete and how the redevelopment of the Trop site will benefit Pinellas County.

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Interview With 'Let's Take It Outside' Host Misty Wells

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater President & CEO Brian Lowack and 'Let's Take It Outside' Host Misty Wells discuss exciting outdoor activities across Pinellas County.

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Visit St. Pete/Clearwater President & CEO Brian Lowack & Caleb Peterson

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater President & CEO Brian Lowack and Senior Business Development Manager for Sports Caleb Peterson discuss the impact of sporting events like the WWE Royal Rumble and Spring Training on the local economy.

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Visit St. Pete/Clearwater President & CEO Brian Lowack & Dr. Cynthia Johnson

President & CEO of Visit St. Pete/Clearwater Brian Lowack and Director of Pinellas County Economic Development Dr. Cynthia Johnson discuss the impact of international tourism on Pinellas County's economy.

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What Visitors Mean to St. Pete/Clearwater

How big is the tourism economy in St. Pete/Clearwater?

  • 15.8 million visitors traveled for work and leisure to St. Pete/Clearwater in 2023.
    • Supporting more than 1 out of 10 jobs locally.
  • Visitors spent $6.6 billion.
    • $2.9 billion was spent in restaurants and retail.
  • $419 million generated in tax revenue.
    • Saving the average resident more than $850 in taxes each year.

What taxes do Visitors pay?

  • Visitors are charged a 6% tax on any short-term accommodation of six months or less. This is called the Tourist Development Tax (TDT)
    • This supports beach renourishment, capital projects, the arts and marketing the destination. In 2023 this amount was more than $96 million.
  • Visitors pay sales tax on purchases while in the destination.
    • Visitors' high daily spending contributes a high amount of sales tax for the region. Close to $61 million was generated in 2023.
  • $262 million paid in property taxes on lodging businesses.
    • These taxes help support county programs and services that don't generate revenue themselves.

Who is Visit St. Pete/Clearwater?

  • Visit St. Pete/Clearwater is the official tourism marketing and marketing management organization for Pinellas County. 
    • We are part of Pinellas County government, funded by and using TDT funds to develop, enhance and promote sustainable tourism with a focus on leisure, meetings, sports and film, domestically and internationally.

More than 15.8 million visitors to Pinellas County contributed $6.6 billion in direct visitor spending in 2023.

More information about our visitor

Each year, about 5,000 intercept surveys are conducted. This data is put into the annual visitor profile report, which is shared on the partner site of Visit St. Pete/Clearwater. Here's some information about the 2023 visitor profile:

  • 15.8 million visitors to Pinellas County.
    • Visit St. Pete/Clearwater markets to visitors who spend the most.
    • This is the overnight visitor. Visitors in paid overnight lodging accounted for nearly 78% of direct visitor spending in 2023.
  • $6.6 billion in direct visitor spending.
    • $1.9 billion was spent in restaurants
    • $1 billion was spent in retail
    • $591 million was spent on entertainment & sightseeing
  • $3.4 billion spent on payroll in the hospitality industry
    • Supporting an estimated 104,538 jobs county-wide
  • The average travel party spent $278 daily in 2023
    • $89 daily at restaurants
    • $50 on retail store purchases
    • $34 on entertainment and sightseeing
    • $492 daily per hotel-occupying travel party
  • We have visitors from all over!
    • Top visitor locations in order include Florida, Ohio, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Georgia. 
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If you see trash on the beach, pick it up and throw it away in a bin.

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Cleanup is a love language

Both visitors and locals alike can share the love by helping keep St. Pete-Clearwater beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Consider joining a park or beach cleanup. We hope to see you out there!

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