Two men box on the beach in the background with video equipment in the foreground.

St. Pete Beach


Thanks for choosing the St. Pete/Clearwater area for your upcoming shoot!

Before starting the film/photography permit application, make sure you have the following information:

  • Confirmed shoot date(s)
  • Location name, physical address or nearby streets, and any other defining information and/or aerial images. Click the Add Shoot button to add a second, third or more shoot locations
  • Prep date/time (if applicable) Shoot Start and End time and Wrap date/time (if applicable) for each location
  • Total number of people on set including cast, crew, client, and agency reps
  • Total number of production vehicles and other vehicles at each location
  • A detailed description of the planned filming activity at each location
  • Emergency contact name, phone number and email address
  • Production company name and address (must match name of insured on the COI)
  • A Certificate of Insurance (COI) that lists the city in which you plan to film as an additional insured. For county-managed locations, Pinellas County is the additional insured. Check to ensure the policy effective period covers all shoot dates. Certificate holder names and other insurance info is listed on our insurance page. If your shoot involves locations in different cities, each must be listed as an additional insured. NOTE: COIs can be uploaded after you submit the application, but your application will not be processed until they are uploaded

First time FilmApp users need to open an account. Then, simply log in and complete ALL required sections of the permit application, agree to the terms and conditions, and submit your application. After submitting, you’ll be emailed an application confirmation that includes a reference number.

NOTE: The St. Pete/Clearwater Film Commission does not approve permit applications, we only issue them. We relay all shoot details and COIs, forwarded to our various city/county contacts for their review and approval. When approved, a film permit will be emailed. Please print the film permit and have it available during your shoot.

You ARE REQUIRED to apply for a film permit if you are photographing, videotaping or filming:

  • Any commercial photography and/or any event or scene that is being staged for the sole purpose of recording, including TV commercials, commercial web videos and portrait sessions
  • Any staged scene from a scripted or unscripted movie, TV or print production
  • Filming/photographing paid or unpaid models for any of the activities listed above

Or if your shoot meets any of the following criteria:

  • The camera is being used on a crane, dolly, jib arm or anything other than a tripod or hand-held
  • Pedestrian or vehicular traffic is impeded
  • You will use any size grip and lighting truck to create an artificial lighting set up
  • Stunts, special effects, animals, or real or prop weapons are involved
  • You will be filming before sunrise or after sunset

A film permit is NOT needed when filming news gathering activities. Nudity and/or changing clothing in public are prohibited.

Filming/Photography Permits in St. Pete Clearwater

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