a wooden boardwalk through sea oats and other vegetation leads to the Gulf, the boardwalk is sandy, the sky is just after sunset with orange and blue colors

Enjoy the sunset framed by sea oats in quiet Indian Shores.

Environment & Weather Considerations


Pinellas County contain several areas that are designated as nature preserves (i.e., a protected area of importance to flora, fauna, geographical or other special interest). Location filming in our nature preserves is allowed but will require more scrutiny from the staff at Parks and Conservation. This includes parts of Fort De Soto Park, Weedon Island Preserve, Brooker Creek Preserve, Shell Key Preserve, and other designated areas.


Turtle nesting season runs from May through October 31st. Nighttime filming is restricted during this period due to distractions of artificial light for nesting females and new hatchlings. Permission from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is required during this period.

Hurricane Preparedness

The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area, at the center of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast, is home to many production companies and on-location media work. Our cities and businesses support film production and offer various locations, skilled production crew and support services. If your production plans to shoot between June 1 and November 30, there are a few things you need to know about the tropical storm, or “hurricane” season. In the unlikely event that a tropical storm occurs during your time in Florida, you will be prepared to minimize its effects on your company by following a few simple precautions. 

Plan Your Shoot

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