Drone Operator in the water


FYI: Although Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) photography/videography falls under the purview of the FAA, i.e., the control of US airspace, Pinellas County's 24 separate municipalities may determine where one may launch and land a drone from. However, operating on privately-owned property may differ, so it is crucial to submit a permit application, containing as many details as possible, including a copy of the drone operator's FAA license, proof of insurance, and a detailed flight and map plan, so we may better help you.

Currently, the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission does not issue permits for filming activity that involves the use of drones. Instead, we advise production companies to ensure that their drone operator(s) comply with the conditions per FAA’s Section 333 Exemption, if applicable, or FAA's Part 107 rule for commercial use of drones weighing less than 55 pounds.

Please visit the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems page for the latest UAS news and updates, Part 107 summary and complete text, waiver process, and more.

FYI: The operation of a drone is prohibited in County parks without first obtaining special permission from the County park administrators.

Pinellas County Ordinances

Pinellas County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 90, titled PARKS AND CONSERVATION RESOURCES, Sec. 90-7, “Activities within county-owned or managed lands, (q) Aircraft. No person operating, directing, or responsible for any airplane, helicopter, drone, glider, hang glider, hot air balloon, dirigible, parachute, or other aerial apparatus, including those radio controlled or otherwise unmanned, shall take off from or land in or on any county-owned or managed land, except for purposes of public safety or where written permission has been obtained from the administrator or designee.”

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