Museum Accessibility in St. Pete/Clearwater

St. Pete/Clearwater offers museums and other attractions so unique that they just might be the highlight of your Florida vacation. Read our accessibility guide to help you enjoy the experience fully.

Colorful glass sculpture looking like fire flames at Imagine Museum

Wonderful works of glass art – like this piece found at Imagine Museum – are a key part of St. Pete's flourishing art scene.

Updated March 2024

Expert Insights

We wrote this article about local museums with the help of Beth Stombaugh, who is a manual wheelchair user. In winter 2022/2023, Beth visited museums and other attractions in St. Pete/Clearwater to provide firsthand insight on accessibility. When she’s not advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, this resident of Gulfport, Florida, is exploring local parks, taking photos of wildlife, and singing in St. Pete's One City Chorus. Before retiring, Beth was a special education teacher in Ohio for 24 years.

Also see our guides to Accessible BeachesAccessible Parks and Attraction Accessibility – other projects that Beth contributed to.


Escultura da Coleção Chihuly que lembra um jardim.

O final da Chihuly Collection é Mille Fiori, nome que significa “Mil Flores” em italiano; é um nome adequado para este elaborado jardim de vidro.

o exterior da cúpula geodésica do Museu Dali reflete as nuvens e o céu

O Enigma, parte do exterior do Museu Dalí, reflete as nuvens e o céu azul em sua cúpula geodésica.