Best Bird-Watching Spots

Nature lovers flock to St. Pete/Clearwater to see the stunning birds that gather in parks and preserves along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail. 

A flock of wild flamingos wades in front of sea oats.

A flock (technically, a flamboyance) of wild flamingos was carried into the area by Hurricane Idalia. If you spot any of these gorgeous creatures, be sure to give them plenty of room so as not to stress them.

Florida boasts a 2,000-mile self-guided trail with 489 sites that promote bird-watching activities and conservation of Florida’s natural habitats. St. Pete/Clearwater’s trail sites are diverse - with mangrove swamps, slash-pine forests, beaches and estuaries - offering habitats for many bird species. There are 15 trail sites in the area, and while all are beautiful, a handful of them are a birder’s dream-come-true.