Busch Gardens Summer Nights

Ahora – 6 de Septiembre de 2021

For 100 nights this summer enjoy world-class coasters, electrifying entertainment throughout the park and more during extended hours at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. On weekends and select dates, look to the sky for the new "Spark! A Nighttime Spectacular" featuring an explosive new firework and special effects production!

For an epic finale to a coaster-filled day of adventure "Spark!" will feature an explosive array of fireworks and exciting effects from dazzling lasers to graceful water elements and dramatic pyrotechnics.  "Spark!" is offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 9:15 P.M. from May 28 to September 6, including extra presentations on May 31 for Memorial Day, July 1-4 for Independence Day, and September 6 for Labor Day.

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Ahora – 6 de Septiembre de 2021
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