Tips for Visiting Responsibly in St. Pete/Clearwater

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You've been dreaming of sunshine on your face and sand between your toes for some time now. And who can blame you? St. Pete/Clearwater has some of the most beautiful beaches in America, and you've missed each other very much. (Long-distance relationships are so hard.) But wait, finally - the beaches are open again! When you're ready to swap your PJs or yoga wear for a swimsuit, there are a few things to keep in mind to be sure you (and others) are safe when you "beach it." As you plan your fun in the sun, make sure to check out our updated beach conditions guide on what to expect before you go. you want to be our Grand Prize winner? Enter for your chance to win an epic 4-night stay in St. Pete/Clearwater. See you soon!

Create Your Own Personal Beach

OK, it might sound silly, but it's not. (Trust us. I mean, did you ever think you'd line up at the supermarket at dawn to score toilet paper?) Creating your own personal beach is super-easy. Just settle your beach chairs, towels, umbrella and cooler on the sand, then draw a circle around your space that's six feet out from all of your stuff. It's a gentle reminder to other beach-goers to respect your space. After all, there's plenty of room at the beach for everyone.

Queuing (a Fancy Way of Saying "Stand in Line")

Hey, at some point, nature calls. Whether that means you're hungry and heading to the beach concession, need to make a restroom stop, or simply want to shower off the sand you've collected... you are going to stand in a line. You know the drill, friends. To queue responsibly, be sure to stand at least six feet from the next group. 

Hang with Your Clan (in Groups of 10 or Less)

The days of "the more, the merrier" are gone, at least for the short term. In other words - now is not the time to plan a beach hangout with lots of friends you haven't seen in just-about-forever. While visiting our beaches, it's important to maintain a group of 10 people or less while also practicing physical distancing. And if your personal clan is less than 10 peeps, even better. 

Hand Sanitizer (and Sunscreen, of Course)

Remember when your mom used to ask if you had sunscreen on? These days, there's a new liquid that's essential for every beach trip. You guessed it - it's hand sanitizer. (You guys are so smart.) Use it before and after buying food at the concession, and before and after using public bathrooms at the beach. If you happen to have access to a sink with soap and water, wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds - it's even more effective. Hey, if Baby Shark is doing it, we should all be doing it.

Beach Responsibility Video Series

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Rule #1: Pack In, Pack Out

Leave nothing but your footprints! Whatever you bring to the beach with you, be sure to take it when you leave.

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Rule #2: Pick Up Trash (Even if it’s Not Yours)

The ultimate superpower? Social responsibility! Help keep America’s best beaches beautiful by picking up trash, even if it’s not yours. 

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Rule #3: Don’t Use Single-Use Plastics

It’s time to phase out single-use plastics and phase in reusable items such as metal water bottles and straws. 

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Rule #4: Keep the Beach “Runway” Safe for Sea Turtles

During sea turtle nesting season, from May 1 through October 31, make it easier for them to find their way to the Gulf by knocking down sand castles and filling in sand pits.

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Rule #5: Pick Up Your #1 Friend’s #2s

We have you and your furry friend covered with some of the best dog-friendly beaches in Florida! But we do have one reasonable request…If your dog does a #2, pick it up!

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Rule #6: Don’t Walk On Off-Limit Areas

Sand dunes and bird sanctuaries are there for a reason - to protect the beach from wind erosion and offer birds a peaceful place to live and nest. These off-limit areas are marked with signs. So just do as they say, okay?

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Rule #7: Slow Boating is Good Beaching

When you’re boating outside of a designated no-wake zone, you should watch your speed in case a manatee wanders into your path. Trust us when we say that they are not built for speed.

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