An exterior shot of the Don CeSar Hotel

Opened in 1928, The Don CeSar has been welcoming travelers for nearly a century. 

Local Incentives

Local Incentives - The Business Development Marketing Program

Film St. Pete/Clearwater's mission via its Business Development Marketing Program is ultimately to promote our destination to the entertainment industry.

Local Incentive - The Business Development Marketing Program

The St. Pete/Clearwater Film Commission's (FilmSPC) mission via its Business Development Marketing Program is to promote our destination to the entertainment industry.  The Program is a cash rebate program that has several goals: attract production to Pinellas County, Florida; provide residents opportunities to work in the industry; promote the destination; and provide positive economic benefit and return on investment.

FilmSPC's Business Development Marketing Program pays 10% - 30% on qualified local expenditures, above- and below-the-line, occurring within Pinellas County and its 24 municipalities.  Productions are evaluated based on size of the budget, local spend, and marketing value to the county.  Examples of qualified spend include location fees, accommodations, food, construction materials, props, and travel purchased or rented from a business with a local address.  Cash rebate funding disbursements are contingent upon a fully executed agreement with Pinellas County that includes all mutually agreed upon deliverables.

The first 10% tier is based on local spend in Pinellas County.  Documentation verifying local spend is one of the deliverables.  View and download the Expenditures Report of eligible and ineligible expenditures here.  Other mutually agreed upon deliverables for the 10% reimbursement may include: an on-set media day; testimonial video from above-the-line cast and crew; behind-the-scenes still photographs; special thanks and FilmSPC logo in the credits; and a special screening. 

Additional lifts are available to projects that are family-friendly, that incorporate destination exposure, and that inspire viewers to want to visit and explore our destination.  To achieve these goals and qualify for a higher reimbursement, additional deliverables are required.  These include, but may not be limited to, incorporating references to and beauty shots of cities, attractions, landmarks, and other key/recognizable locations in Pinellas County, as well as traditional and social media marketing activities.  

Production types eligible to apply to FilmSPC’s Program include feature films, made-for-TV movies, web series, music videos, and a full season of a TV/streaming series. Projects applying to FilmSPC’s Business Development Marketing Program must have distribution or a letter of intention.  All projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are subject to funding availability.  There is no minimum spend or sunset date, and the maximum payout per production project is capped at $150,000.

For questions about the St. Pete/Clearwater Film Commission's Business Development Marketing Program or to request an application, please contact Film Commissioner Lisa Dozois at 727-464-7240 or via email here.