Cast Your Line

St. Pete/Clearwater is the perfect place to head out for a day of deep-sea fishing with friends and family.

Cast Your Line

Grab your headphones, turn up the volume and experience the waters of St. Pete/Clearwater—we promise it’ll be worth it. Ready for an amazing adventure? Experience the warm waters of St. Pete/Clearwater—we promise it’ll be worth it.

Dive In

Catch of the Day

Set sail from John's Pass for a fishing adventure under clear skies. The excitement begins with the boat ride—the deep, rich blue of Gulf waters ahead and the white sands of Madeira Beach behind. When the captain cuts the engine and there is only the sea around you, it’s time. 

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Deep-sea fishing is equal parts patience and strength—a choreographed dance with a sea creature. Tiny or massive, each catch is a mystery until it breaks the water's surface and reveals itself. St. Pete/Clearwater's offshore waters offer great eating fish such as grouper and snapper, while inland waters yield species such as spotted sea trout, sheepshead and redfish. Catch and release, cook it yourself, or take your fish to a local restaurant that will create a delicious meal for you.

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Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it.

- Harry Middleton

Reel It In

Deep sea fishing in the waters off St. Pete/Clearwater yields big catches. This red grouper, one of the tastiest local fish species, was caught in waters offshore Madeira Beach.

Family Time

Knowledgeable local captains can help any visitor—from life-long fishermen to novices—have a great day fishing in our warm Gulf waters.

Off the Hook

After the excitement of reeling in your big catch, you may want to leave the meal preparation to someone else. Local chefs at restaurants such as the Friendly Fisherman Seafood Restaurant in Madeira Beach are happy to help.

A Delicious Ending

Mild, flaky grouper that is fresh-caught from the Gulf can be served blackened, grilled or fried. The fish is so loved that local restaurants even compete for the honorary title of “Best Grouper Sandwich.”

From the Gulf to the Table 

Savor your catch after a great day of fishing out on warm Gulf waters.

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