Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination

Don’t Miss This Family-Friendly Disney and Dalí Exhibit!

Dates: January 23-June 12 2016
Location: The Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida

One was an eccentric Surrealist artist, the other an innovator of film and animation. It may seem unlikely on the surface, but popular painter Salvador Dalí and entertainment icon Walt Disney forged a friendship over time, resulting in a collaboration on an animated short, called Destino. The short remained unfinished in their lifetimes, but they remained friends, sharing ideas that pushed the boundaries of reality.

The story of their collaboration and friendship is told in this interactive, multimedia experience that includes original paintings, objects, film, photographs, letters and audio. Enjoy the immersive exhibit through June.

Purchase tickets, starting at $10, online here.

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Salvador Dalí
Study for Sentimental Colloquy, 1946
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Salvador Dali
The Broken Bridge and the Dream, 1945
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Mary Blair
Fantasy Sequence of Maids Cinderella concept art, 1950
Dali-Disney Exhibit Opens

The long wait is over. The landmark exhibit uncovering the friendship between two cultural icons, Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, runs through June 12 at the Dali Museum in downtown St. Pete. The exhibit features a virtual reality experiences that takes you inside a Dali painting.

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