On Thursdays we parasail. 📷: @vspc #LoveFL Today I went wedding dress shopping with my daughter Savy. There were a lot of emotions I was feeling, but mostly I felt something was missing. How did I get here? How did my fiery little girl become a woman in front of my eyes? A little part of my heart broke.
Being a parent is the most bizarre experience. Our children are created from us but are not us. This was a big lesson for me. They are individuals who, if you're lucky like I am, challenge you to be the best version of yourself.
And as I'm discovering, they  challenge you to look at what you are grasping onto in each moment. Time moves. Things change. Children grow.
Tonight as I leaned in to kiss my son Ansel goodnight he pulled away and smiled, clearly no longer needing his mom's kisses for security as he turned out the light and climbed in bed. Another little part of my heart broke.
I'm feeling tender, I'm not really ready for all of this, I'm unsure I ever will be. But today I'll choose to open my arms and my broken little heart. Perhaps those little heart breaks are making room for what's next.
Photo of Ansel and I by my talented friend @robertsturman in St. Pete Beach, Fl
#travelswithmandy Heading into Monday like ....
Photograph by: @brittwilltravel and @adventureandthegirl
Because if you don’t go in confidently, you let Monday win 😁👊🏽 Have a great start to your week, friends! - @maxgarcia Look who got to parasail with me today!#bouyah #parasailing #clearwaterbeach #mommasgirl Salvador Dalí is so loved that there is a museum dedicated to his art in St.Petersburg, Florida. Cons to being bike-bound: LOL if you thought I was always late when I had a car It’s Monday, lets go!
Photograph by: @c_rosetti
We had a hard time getting going this morning, mostly because it was such an awesome weekend! We loved seeing everyone’s explorations in St. Pete 👌🏽 Keep them coming ❤️🚲 -@maxgarcia @lotusleggings @rainbowoptx @dalimuseum #yoga #yogaeverydamnday Capturing Magical Moments on My Bike#photographersofinstagram #photographylife #vspc #liveamplified #floridaliving #bicycling #bicyclemagazine #bicyclelicious #exploretheworld Jet skiing with the fambam and a pod of dolphins 🐬😍 Explore de SHINE...
Mural by: @goodandshiddy
Photograph by: @markgoblue
What a weekend of mural hunting. It’s kinda like playing Pokémon - got catch ‘em all!
Hoping y’all found some time to do some mural hunting yourselves. Got any favorites so far?
- @ayce09

Onde sempre tem algo para se fazer! 

Praias da Flórida com areias brancas e águas cristalinas, uma vida noturna impressionante e uma cena cultural próspera: está tudo aqui em St. Petersburg/Clearwater, na Flórida.

Esse é o lugar certo para famílias entusiasmadas para brincar na praia, casais planejando momentos românticos e viajantes solitários em busca de isolamento.

A maioria das viagens para essa área começa com as premiadas praias da Flórida, e nós temos o guia definitivo de praias para indicar aquela que é ideal para o seu estado de espírito. Viajando com crianças? Nossa página de atrações para famílias tem ideias para manter todos entretidos. Deseja explorar atividades ao ar livre? Temos passeios de barco, esportes aquáticos, campos de golfe, locais de eventos esportivos e passeios de aventura que certamente o agradarão.

Para os que buscam as preciosidades mais escondidas, explore os guias de bairro de St. Petersburg/Clearwater para encontrar os melhores restaurantes, cervejas artesanais, especialidades em frutos do mar, vida noturna, lojas exclusivas e galerias locais. 

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