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This article is part of a series called “Detours,” designed to take you a little off the beaten path from the beaches and attractions of St. Pete/Clearwater, to discover other, lesser-known local favorites like family-run stores, unique galleries, and tantalizing restaurants. Read on and take a Detour into authentic St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida!


Don’t call Greg Seymour “chef.” 

“Everyone’s a ‘chef’ these days,” says the outspoken owner of Pizzeria Gregario in Safety Harbor. “It’s like putting “Dr.” in front of your name.” 

Call him Greg. He makes pizzas. 

Ah, but these aren’t your ordinary pies. He starts by crafting his own “biodynamic” sourdough (as opposed to the “monoculture” found in commercial dough)—better, he says, for your “overall gut health.” He sources his produce from farms within 100 miles of his restaurant. He gets his meats from as close by as possible, and from vendors who use humane, sustainable methods. 

But perhaps most remarkable of all: Seymour makes every single pie that comes out of the pizzeria’s wood-fired oven himself. 

Dare we call him a “pizza maestro?” 

With a Focus on Food…

Seymour boasts that he “opened the doors” of his small place in Safety Harbor’s quaint downtown for a mere $105,000. He puts most of his money into the food ($37 a pound for pepperoni, shipped in from Atlanta). Pizzeria Gregario is not much on fancy atmosphere, or packaging, or marketing.

“I focus on what’s happening inside these four walls rather than outside,” Seymour says. To that, we might add: His sharpest focus is within the compact open kitchen.

Oh, by the way: the pizzas are beyond delicious (12-inchers only, they range from $12.50 to $15). And, perhaps surprisingly, his salads match the pies for sheer awesomeness. But it’s no surprise to Greg. “If you’re not going to make something that’s as good as everything else, why put it on the menu?” he asks with a note of indignance.

…Word is Getting Around

Pizzeria Gregario has been open two and a half years, and its clientele is growing, mostly by word of mouth. Seymour’s commitment to sustainability and producing healthy fare has also proven to be a viable business model. “It’s about spending time with the food,” Greg declares. “We do the best we can with what we have and are always asking, ‘How can we do better?’”

While You’re in the Neighborhood

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