5 Tips for an Awesome Fishing Trip

Have a great day fishing out on the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay, or on the many area rivers with these five essential tips.

Go Early and Stay Late

The earlier you depart, the better chance you have of beating everyone else to the best catch of the day. Staying out late will increase your chances of hooking a big catch! Plus, what's better than spending a whole day out on the beautiful water?

Think Like a Fish

Finding the fish can be a challenge, but there are simple tricks to help you find them in the open waters. If it is a hot day out, look for shadier spots in the shallow water, or deeper spots offshore. If it colder outside, look for spots in the shallows with the most direct sunlight. Also, watch out for schools of small baitfish since the big ones are sure to be right behind them!

Follow the Birds

When fishing offshore, spotting birds in your area can be your best bet at finding larger species feeding on a school of smaller fish. Keep your eye on the horizon for birds swooping and diving towards the water, then head in the direction and cast your line!

Tag along with a Professional

For first time fishermen or visitors who might be new to fishing in the area, hiring a professional guide can be a great asset. Ask questions, observe and take as much advice from them as you can. This should give you the best opportunity to snag some fish.

It's all about Equipment

Having some handy devices with your such as  chart recorders, sonar and good quality rods and reels can increase your chances of finding and catching fish. A tasty dinner of Gulf-fresh seafood will be yours when the day is done!

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